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I've set the slot duration to 15 minutes - but still only see 30 minute slots

Please see ss:


  • After I changed it an changed it back to 15 minutes - it is now showing only one hour:

    see ss:

  • Slot duration is for the week view calendar from the pop-up window. But is your suggestion to offer 15 minute intervals for the context menu? Note that it will probably be a very long menu.

  • I'm not making a suggestion. There is already an option developed for 15 minute intervals in the settings...

    Will it work?

  • So just to reiterate the "slot duration" refers to the week view only. Please note that for the context menu if you want a more precise time you can select the last menu option which is "Set date/time..."

  • Thanks, but that becomes cumbersome because it opens a new window.

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