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Sync across multiple PC's


Is there a way to sync notifications across multiple PC's continuously with same account, eg.

PC1 - I have marked some notifications as done or postponed

PC2 - would be the same - now when I open the other PC the same notifications will pop again

Thank you,



  • So one trick I use is enable this option below so that when I snooze events the event times are modified and therefore synced to all your devices.

    Currently there is no way to sync dismissed/done events across devices but I could look at syncing across my extensions.

  • Thanks for a quick reply!

    Ok, I will try that.

    That would be great, would you have any timeline for that. I would guess other would appreciate this feature as well.



  • I've added it to the queue for investigation, but this would be a relatively more complex coding as users would have to opt-in to ensure this is intended and most likely notifications would be already popped up on another machine but would have to be removed once synced or the sync would have to occur upon the other machine returning from standby etc.

  • Maybe, let them choose in the admin - sync across devices so, if they like they can.

    Thank you.

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