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Spoken voice changed

Weirdest thing: I have been using Checker Plus for Google Calendar successfully for well over a year now.

I set it to use the "Google UK English Female" voice, which has also been working great.

Now all of a sudden today the voice has a Russian accent.

"Google UK English Female" is still the setting visible when I go into the settings screen.


  • Sometimes the language detection for new emails fails to speak in the correct language. Usually if an email is detected in a completely different language that you have chosen then it will obviously try that language as it would just be gibberish in your chosen language. If the issue happens regularly for different emails then do let me know.

  • It's not emails, it's my meeting notifications for Google Calendar.

  • Ah sorry, but the same logic applies, the language detection on the title of the event might be confusing, does it happen with different event titles?

  • Jason:

    Thanks for the further reply.

    Strangeness upon strangeness: today it appears to have fixed itself, it's back to the UK English voice.

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