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Rocking Bell Never Stops

Hi. If you have popup notifications turned on but you do not dismiss the notification for several hours, i.e. overnight for example, when you dismiss the notification later, the bell in the extension bar does not stop rocking back and forth. The workaround fix is to disable and enable the extension.


1) Configure Desktop notifications -> Popup window

2) Configure Show pending notifications reminder -> 10 minutes

3) Trigger a notification

4) Wait a long time without dismissing the notification or clicking anywhere (grab a coffee, take a walk, go to sleep for the night)

5) Return and watch the extension icon bell rock back and forth endlessly

Windows 10

Chrome 90


Disable and enable the extension to reset / clear the bell.


  • edited May 2021

    Awesome details this elusive issue has been haunting me because I was unable to replicate it. I will try your test and then try resolving it, Thanks.

  • Can you indicate which extension version you are on?

    I'm also curious if it's related to updates because I just pushed v28.0.1 (note that it's unrelated to this issue so you don't have to update)

  • It happened last night (again). I am running version V.28.0

  • Forgot to include:

    6) Click Checkmark (Dismiss) in the popup window notification (of the now past due event)

    (does not stop the rocking bell)

  • edited May 2021

    Does your machine go into standby mode during this test time?

    Does this issue happen all the time under the conditions you described or sometimes?

  • The machine sometimes is configured to go to sleep but in this last instance it was not configured to sleep (just screen off).

    I cannot say 100% it always happens if I leave a notification open without dismissing for a "long" period of time as I only notice it when it happens, which is rare as I do dismiss 99% within seconds/minutes.

  • Ok i've pushed out v28.0.2 with a possible fix to the icon animation. You can force the update with https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • Great. I've updated and I'll try to recreate the issue.

  • So is no news good news?

  • Tested once overnight and seems like the fix is working. Thanks much.

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