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Twice shows of "shared folders"


I reinstall all "google drive plugin" to be sure but i have some problems with shared drive :

  • I see all twice in a random order. The twenty first are good and after it's totaly random
  • I see all hidden shared drives




  • Can you send me a screenshot.

    It's possibly related to a race condition when scrolling.

  • You are right i think.

    Check my scrollbar at the beginning just after open the plugin

    and when i am finish to scroll at the end

    The size of the popup is the same.

    The change of size of scrollbar is near at the end of the first size.


  • Ok I found the scroll doubling issue and will be fixed in the next version that I'll be pushing out in a few days.

    For the hidden shared drives issue, can you give more details? how do you hide shared drives?

  • It's a native function of Google Business

    And the link to google support : https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9357691?hl=en


  • Ok thanks for the details, I'll queue this for investigation.

  • Scroll doubling isn't present in v8.0 ! Thanks

    I hope you will find a solution for hidden shared drives.

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