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I have already contributed but i cant use the extra features


I have contributed trough paypal and filled in the 'i already contributed' fill about 10 times now but i still cant use the extra features. I have also re installed the extension and restarted the browser.


  • Are you following these exact steps: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

    what happens after the last step? you should get a thank you video to confirm.

  • No payment found!

    Hi Jason,

    I did the steps and then it said;

    No payment found for email: tim.beeris@gmail.com

    Make sure to sign into the Google account which you contributed from, then try again!

    (If your contribution is not recognized then please use the already contributed form)

    Afterdoing that, i used the 'already contributed form' and filled it in.

  • edited May 2021

    Ok try again, it would seem that you made a payment with timbeeris@gmail.com (no period) and hence the confusion, but it's ok I just registered the one without the period. (and yes I know Gmail considers them the same person, I use that trick also)

  • Allright, i still don't understand completely what was causing the problem. But, thanks alot for the good service, its working now!

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