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Extension custom icon keeps disapearing


  • Are you sure that's my extension, if you right click it and select the 1st option where does it go?

    Have you customized any of the extension icon options?

  • @Jason yes it's your extension i'm using, when i right-click it and pressed the 1st option, it goes to your website


    the only thing i customized from the icon options is the mail count color and it's custom icons

  • edited May 1

    Lol, those are precisely the icon option changes that may be causing the issue. Try changing the custom icons to something else or use the default ones to see if it resolves the issue.

  • @Jason i tried the default ones, it came back, same goes for the custom ones if i re-select it again, though the problem where it disappears happens after i open chrome. thanks for helping me

  • ok let me know if restarting chrome causes the issue again, with either the default or the custom icons.

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