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Update bug.

Last update is causing my checker to sign out by itself and un synching my google account. Not sure if it is a chrome issue but started today after your update.


  • Try reinstalling the extension.

  • Will I lose the settings or there´s a way to back it up first?

  • You can try Options .. Admin .. Load/Save settings or else take screenshots of your options.

  • Reinstalled, no change. Bug remains. Must be a chrome bug. Email notifier is not affected.

    Can´t see how your extension would cause my google account to get un synching. It must be a google account or chrome bug.

    Will keep trying to resolve, then post a possible fix.

  • Its a chrome settings issue. Here is the fix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1sy5PD9RKc

  • On chrome go to settings>privacy and security>Cookies and other site data> turn off Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome, restart chrome.

    Problem solved.

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