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Chrome only stay open on taskbar so can't uninstall Checker plus extension


Chrome opens only minimized on taskbar with checker plus for google calendar accessible as a separate icon on taskbar like usual except for the settings wheel which cannot be accessed. I uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome but the result is always the same. So until I can remove the checker plus for google calendar extension I won't be able to use Chrome.

How do you uninstall the extension ? I'm not seeing it anywhere in "Apps & Features" to uninstall.



  • These are the standard methods to remove extensions: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Uninstall_extensions

  • Thanks but as stated, Chrome cannot be opened (the icon stays on the taskbar, it pops-up the small window showing what page it's at when I hover on the icon but when I click on it or use alt-tab to switch programs it never comes full screen so I cannot go to where your instructions ask me to go.

    I need to uninstall without opening Chrome, thanks

  • BTW, I love your extension, I'll try reinstalling it once I'm able to get Chrome working again. Hope it's gonna work because I've been using it for like a year and it's great

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