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default folder

Hi there, it would be beneficial to set the default folder in the extension. While I store many things in my drive, I tend to work out of a particular folder daily. I do recognize that a shortcut would also work, though. 🙂

Just a suggestion.


  • The extension does remember the last folder you were in, I guess that doesn't work for you?

  • It does; however, I still have a default I prefer to always start at. That combined with the breadcrumb, it becomes much faster to get around for me. I am not sure if the feature is worth it for you, it just seems to be handy to me, but that could be my specific use case.

  • I'll queue it for dev, the drive doesn't have to many feature requests at this time, so shouldn't be a problem.

  • Good news, you can now right click a folder to set it as default in v8.0

  • you rule!

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