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Trigger to override "The time of this event has already passed! Would you like to change it..."

As noted in another thread, I often add events in the past. ?

I mainly add events that happened or happening (but initiated in the past) on the same day as when inputting them in Calendar.

I therefore found a quick way to do it by writing "[my descriptor/title] today [time]".

However, it still gives me a little extra work by prompting me "The time of this event has already passed! Would you like to change it to the same time tomorrow?"

Do you think you could implement a "trigger" word that I could write somewhere in the text before pressing Enter? Maybe "gogreen" or something to your choosing. Which, when used, will eliminate the need for a prompt doublechecking if you wanted to add an item in the past.




  • Getting a little picky aren't we :) It might be faster just to hit the enter key when that warning appears ... I haven't tested it but I'm hoping that works. Else we can discuss an option to disable that warning.

  • Yes, very picky ?.

    Enter in my Chrome on macOS is equivalente to pressing the "OK" button.

    Pressing "ESC", I thought might work, but has no effect.

    Pressing "Tab", however, selects the "Cancel" button, so, pressing "Enter" afterwards has the desired effect.

    That sorts me out for the time being.

    But maybe there could be an option for disabling this type of warning altogether? What do you think?

  • Well considering there's a workaround with the enter key, I'll leave it as such unless i get more feedback on this from more users.

  • Hi Jason,

    Since some time, maybe a couple of months or so, my workaround to add events in the past as detailed in my post from "April 2021", being:

    "[my descriptor/title] today [time]".

    Doesn't work anymore, and sets the event to tomorrow at the time specified.

    Can you make it come back or suggest another practical way of adding such events?

    Thanks in advance,

  • edited December 2022

    So I just try this "test 9am today" and that prompted the "do you want to save it tomorrow" and I clicked cancel and the event was saved in the past.

  • Somehow this doesn't work for me anymore, upon inputting "test 11am today"

    However, I believe that in the past, I had noticed it was easier to get it to work when using XXam and XXpm times, rather than then 24-hour format.

    But, as you can see, it still didn't work for me.

  • It might be related to your Google Calendar settings, is it in english?

  • It worked after going back to English language in the settings.

    Out of curiosity, I experimented with writing the equivalent format in Portuguese "test 11am hoje" and "test 11:00 hoje" and it didn't work. Why wouldn't that work then?

  • This Google Calendar quick add API is limited unfortuneately.

    This is the API if you choose to give feedback to the google team: https://developers.google.com/calendar/api/v3/reference/events/quickAdd

  • By changing back to English and getting it to work is good enough.

    I was worried the change would affect Google account globally, i.e. Gmail as well, which wouldn't be good. But it didn't, just the calendar module, so that's fine then....

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