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Voice Notification not reading Subject, Sender, Summary

I have the David Microsoft Voice selected but the voice notification is not reading the Subject, Sender, Summary, which I've indicated. What do I need to set to do that?


  • Is the test voice working in the options?

    Note that the default setting is to only play the voice when you are not at your computer. Refer to this for more help https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Voice_Notifications#Voice_issues

  • I seem to recall it reading the subject and sender Before and I wonder if I turned it off in some fashion.

  • You can try switching to the default/native one and see if that helps.

  • That's didn't help, I'm afraid.

  • Are you getting the desktop notifications at least? just not the voice notification.

    Have you tried change the "Only if you are away from your computer" to Always speak.

    And then send yourself tests emails.

  • It is already on Always Speak.

    Yes, I'm getting the desktop notifications as expected. I'm also getting the sound notification, just not the voice.

  • Hmm bizarre, and in the Accounts/Labels options are the voice notifications set for the labels you are monitoring.

  • I only have Inbox set for that, so that means that all my messages should speak my settings. Or do I need to tick the boxes for all the Categories and Labels?, which are currently blank.

  • I'm a bit of a loss, last resort I would say reinstall the extension and use the defaults, except of course for enabling voice notifications.

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