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Snoozing notifications


can I snooze notifications for other time periods than it is on the picture attached?

Can I change the default snooze times somewhere in settings?

Thank you for your assistance


  • Not currently, but you're welcome to suggest new times and I can explore it, note you can click the "..." to specify a precise time and day.

  • Hi Jason, enjoying the Checker Plus for the Calendar but the amount of pop out reminders for a single event can be sometimes overwhelming. It would be great to be able to play with it and adjust it, thanks!

  • my email is carloscapurro@gmail.com

  • edited April 2021

    @Carlos Capurro Can you tell me which snooze actions you would like to see instead? or perhaps a screenshot to visualize.

  • the snooze options look great, my suggestion goes more towards being able to deactivate some if one wishes to do so in order to not get so many. Overall the extension is great. I would not change anything

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