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Unable to use options menu on Checker Plus

After installing Checker Plus, when I click the icon, I get a blank popup (first image) and none of the buttons seem to do anything. I assume I need to sign in or configure the extension somehow, but when I right-click the icon (or go through chrome://extensions/ list) the options page will stay on this loading screen and never load anything.

What am I doing wrong/what troubleshooting do I need to do to resolve this issue?



  • You need to update your Chrome version it's a very old.

  • You're absolutely right. Very odd that Chrome didn't have the traditional 'update' notifications and couldn't update it from the Chrome settings. For anyone else coming across this thread, I had to uninstall Chrome completely and re-install it with the latest version.

    Thank you for the quick response, it is all working now!

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