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Weird duplication of days in 'Agenda' mode


I like the extension very much. However, I have a few problems.

  1. If I create an all-day event from the extension, it'll not respect my Google Calendar setting (notification at 09:00), instead, it'll try to give me a time at 00:00. But I have DND set, so I miss it completely. In any case, I need the notification after I wake up :-)
  2. There's a weird duplication of days in 'Agenda' mode (see attached screenshot). It starts ok, but when I scroll down to May, it will show me April again, then May again, then Jun....

I tried everything I found on the internet. Removed the extension, reinstall the extension, but nothing helped. So, I thought the problem is not local (most likely).

Anybody else experiencing this or similar problems. Can I fix it somehow?




  • For issue #1 it's actually a Google Calendar API bug that doesn't return the time for all day events, so I assume they all start at the beginning of the day, you can star the issue here to help out: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36755676

    For issue #2 I will queue this for fixing, I believe it's a asynchronous issue cause by the speed of scrolling. If you scroll a bit slower does the issue still occur.

  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

    1. I'll star the issue of course.
    2. Yes, it does happen even if I scroll slowly. But you are right, I can see a 'glitch' happening as I scroll down...

    Thanks again.

  • Good news I've fixed some scrolling issues with v28.1

  • Great news. I've just tested, and there's no scrolling issue :-)... since there's no scrolling at all :-(

    I have v28.1. The last event it shows that I made on the 15th of Aug., but no more. My next Event is on the 23rd, but it won't show and won't scroll down.

    Still, at least it doesn't show duplicates. However, it would be great if I could scroll again...


  • Can you send me a screenshot for context so I can try replicating it.

  • I don't know if it matters or not, but I use only 'Agenda' view...

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