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popup notifications failed in gmail, ok in calendar

Gmail notification problem started 24-36 hrs ago. Using Brave browser as default, unwilling to change that. Went thru your checklist, then reinstalled, restarted browser, rebooted brand new Inspiron 7501 with peripheral Dell S2721Q monitor at 3840x2160 resolution. Problem persists. All I can do now is use voice notifications... or pause my work to click on the icon and see what just arrived, which is undesirable. Hope you can help!

p.s. would love to attach a screenshot if there was something to show you....


  • What happens when you click the test notification button in the extension options?

  • Golly Jason, thanks for getting back so quickly. I've stared at these options too long. Please help me remember where to find the test notification button, please! lol

  • @Jason Oh, duh. yes, when I tested text notifications, nothing happened. Sorry, I am overtired, I have been working at a solution for literally hours.

  • @Jason btw, I had no success in rich notifications, either. any other ideas?

  • edited April 4

    Ok right after testing the notification can you send me the error logs for the background https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • @Jason I decided to go back into Windows Focus Assist and check the settings one last time. Just for good measure, even though I had previously turned off the master toggle switch, I turned off everything else too. Then I rebooted. Desktop notifications are working fine once again. Mystifying, but glad the problem is solved. Thanks again for your replies and support!

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