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UnknownError: Internal error opening backing store for indexedDB.open.

Have been getting this error since yesterday; I deleted and re-installed the extension and restarted my browser this morning but it's still happening. Any help would be appreciated -- I love this extension!


  • Hmm usually the restart computer works, might try again else refer to creating a new profile https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • edited April 6

    It is happening to me as well !

    Tried unintalling from Chrome, restarted my computer, open Chrome again, reinstall Checker Plus and nothing changed !

    The screen of the error is the same, but looking with code inspection I got 3 errors as bellow...

    Could you help us Jason !? Your extension is the best !

  • @Vitor SantAnna

    This is a system issue with a locked or corrupt storage issue in your profile, do you have any daily processes like backups or malware detection running, when you removed Chrome did you remove the profile data as well. Refer to the test profile here https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • edited April 6


    You were right, it was the antivirus/malware system. It had corrupted Chrome, but only for Checker Plus GMail - don't know why !

    As I remove my profile and created a new one, the problem persisted. Needed to assure the completelly unistall of Chrome (files and registry), reestart machine and begin from scratch !

    Anyway worked fine.

    Thank you very much !

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