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Ability to quickly view ONE calendar (auto hide the others)

I have 7 different calendars and I sometimes need to only view one on its own for clutter reasons. Is there a way to add that ability (or am I missing it?) It would be beyond helpful!! Right now I have to manually deselect 6 of the 7 then turn them all back on when done



  • Yes, you can use this button...

  • You thought of everything I see! Excellent and thank you.... enjoy many of your product's - contribution coming for sure!!

    1) Is there a "view all" option after I filter out the one as you show?

    2) Is there a way to get that button on the full web calendar view (not just the pop up)

    Thanks again - so helpful!


  • Ironically it used to exist in plain sight on google calendar web version, now it's buried behind the menu...

    I haven't developed the show all button as I usually try to mimic what google calendar does and they don't have it there yet.

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