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Screenshot captures wrong part of the screen

I'm experiencing a weird bug in Firefox. When I try to screenshot an area, it ends up capturing the wrong part of the screen. The Chrome extension is still working fine.

I tried attaching a screen recording that shows the problem in action but I'm unable to upload it in this post.


  • Do you have latest version of the extension as indicated on the Firefox addon page and are you using any OS zoom or external screens? Hmm although I realized you said it's working on Chrome.

  • Yes, I have Version 11.1.1 and no OS zoom or external screens.

  • edited March 2021

    Here's an example:

    The red box in the 1st pic is the area I'm trying to capture and the 2nd pic is the actual result:

  • Do you have a Mac retina display?

  • No, I have a Dell S3221QS 4K.

  • Can you tell me what the results of this page https://www.quirksmode.org/m/tests/dpr.html

  • device-pixel-ratio tests

    This page has a <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">.

       Media queries for device-pixel-ratio not supported.


       screen.width equals 3008.

       Layout viewport width is 2239.

       Expected DPR is 1.3434569004019652.

       Reported DPR is 2.

    Expected DPI is incorrect on Apple Retina devices, and on desktop browsers where the window is not completely maximised.

  • ok great details and can you send me the results of that link from your chrome browser? sorry should have asked before.

  • No prob.

    device-pixel-ratio tests

    This page has a <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">.

    • Media queries for device-pixel-ratio not supported.


    • screen.width equals 3008.
    • Layout viewport width is 2239.
    • Expected DPR is 1.3434569004019652.
    • Reported DPR is 2.

    Expected DPI is incorrect on Apple Retina devices, and on desktop browsers where the window is not completely maximised.

  • ok thanks for the details ok i'll queue this for investigation, but it's difficult to quickly fix because I am unable to reproduce it without a screen with a high dpr.

    Do the other grabbing methods work properly, such as grab Visible page etc.

  • Visible page seems to work fine.

  • Any chance you've had a chance to look into this?

  • I haven't yet, but it's still in the queue.

  • Gotcha. I appreciate it.

  • Just curious is this still an issue?

  • edited October 2022

    Reviving an old thread. I have the same issue, but happening during a different scenario: the "Select area" action captures the wrong part of the page when using Chrome OS apps that are not full screen. Details:

    * Operating system: Chrome OS 105.0.5195.134

    * Bug does not affect: Google Chrome windows with any screen size (maximized and non-maximized), Chrome OS apps when maximized

    * Bug does affect: Chrome OS apps when not maximized

    Step to reproduce:

    1) Open a Chrome OS app (example: WhatsApp, Google Calendar, etc)

    2) Resize so it is not maximized

    3) Trigger Explan and Share Screenshots's "Select area" action

    4) Note that new tab with capture UI shows the previous page zoomed in, and that it is possible to scroll down and / or to the right to see the rest of the app screen. The parts of the screen that require scrolling are not darkened and cannot be captured, while the parts of the screen that do not require scrolling are darkened and can be captured

    5) Capture a part of the screen using the "Select area" action

    6) Observe that the wrong part of the screen was captured

    Note that using the "Entire page" action does capture the entire app window, even if not maximized.

    Hope this is helpful -- happy to share more!

  • This is difficult for me to reproduce without a ChromeOS.

    Are you using any Chrome zoom?

    Would you be able to send me a screenshot of the initial screenshot before you select the area?

  • I'm not aware of any Chrome zoom that's going on here. At an OS level I use the "Display size" feature to scale the entire OS and make everything slightly bigger, but that has no adverse affect on typical screenshots within Chrome. Otherwise the apps themselves are all at 100% -- not zoomed in or out.

    Screenshots illustrating issues (I'm using a dark theme so hopefully not too hard to tell what's happening here):

    Screenshot of the Chrome OS "Settings" app. The window is not maximized.

    When I activate the extension's "Select area" action I see the following (note how the screen is zoomed in):

    And I'm able to scroll down -- when I do I see this:

    I feel like I've also had times when I've been able to scroll to the right, but I'm unable to reproduce that at the moment.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can share here!

  • Ok can you go to this link to detect your screen settings and send me the results:


    Then try temporarily setting your display size back to the default and send the result of screen settings link above.

    Then with that temporary display size can you also test the extension again to see if that affects it.

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