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Contributions, a Family Plan

I would like to contribute monthly (possibly yearly/recurring) to unlock all the features for each extension, but based on my family needs. We each use the free version and appreciate your commitment to excellence in creating these extensions. As a parent, I would just like to make sure they each get the full experience without having to pay individually or many times.

Do you or would you consider allowing a monthly family contribution? Maybe even allowing for 1x payment per year contribution; renewable on a yearly basis for family? I was thinking say up to 10 emails per family plan? Of course, you decide max allowable emails per family. I'm recommending 10 for future growth :) but I really need 6 (immediately) for my family right now. You could set a special discounted family price like $100/per year; or what I was thinking, a $10/per month family account for 10 months (+2 free months). Both with the option to cancel at anytime. I for one would NOT expect a refund for prepaid yearly pricing; but you might want to add in a disclaimer to that fact :)


  • Out of curiosity are all these family emails on the same domain ie. familymember@fowler.com or are they completely separate personal emails ie. familymember@gmail.com ?

  • The later primarily, everyone's fn+mi+fowler@gmail.com, minus the one family general account registered as "fowlerbills@" (because we all have bills). I looked into GSuite (custom domain) but it's just way cheaper to pay for 2TB of storage/per year and add family members into Google One :)

    BTW... it's everyone in the family account avatar minus the dog.

  • Ok I can setup a $10/month and then manually unlock the selected emails of your choice. Can you email me addresses, use the email found at the top right of the site .. Contact .. Email me

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