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The Best Feature you could Add for me

I have been using todoist, and have been using checker plus. I think there's a way for them to combine and make me happy. Jason please add a "mode" where the events in your calendar can be turned into "check-off-able" items, similar to a todo list, and add the strike through animation afterwards. This allows me to complete tasks that don't take a set amount of time, and visually be satisfying. Checker Plus gives me a overview of my day and week in a solid form, but If i want to add more "to-do" like items it will allow me to make "all-day" events, but I can't cross them out, only delete them, which I can't come back and see what I got done.


  • I also think this makes the requests for "tasks" a bit easier, as it fits that functionality without adding anything too new.

  • Interesting, so I'm in the midst of integrating Google Tasks into my calendar extension. However, in the calendar view you'll still have to select the item then click "Mark completed" would that work?

  • @Jason Seems like it would work, Do they show up just like normal events? Can I add tasks without having to leave the extension?

  • Yes and yes, but only Tasks with a due date will appear in the calendar and in the reminder window, in the reminder window you can simply click the checkmark and it will automatically dismiss and mark completed.

  • @Jason That works in a way that would be awesome. Another suggestion, could you make it where every new "task" or "event" that is a one--off is a different color? I find when i add a bunch of all-day events (which will soon be tasks/reminders) they all are the same color and they don't stand out. It becomes a bit harder to differentiate them, it would be easier if each one was a random color.

  • I will be trying to replicate the Google Calendar UI so all tasks will have the task color (defaults to pale red for me)

    Currently events in the reminder window use their event color or calendar color, so I'm not sure about integrating more colors, however perhaps I can identify them another way, but let's cross that road once I integrate the tasks.

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