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Bug when sending invites

Love the Calendar extension but I used it for the first time to invite attendees to a meeting and it looks like it did a print screen. At the time I was apparently had my Gmail inbox on screen and sent it along with the invitation to a non-gmail attendee.


  • Interesting it looks like particular recipient received a text version of the invite instead of the html one. This might be because of the recipient's email client. I would be curious if this happened to a Gmail user who received your invite.

  • Yes it looks like it did send it to gmail users also. But I sent out invites for 4 different meetings. It only did this on the first invite.

  • I just double checked and I have no control over the format the receipt receives it I'm assuming it might have happened when sending it with the regular Google Calendar webpage.

    For my reference I used the sendUpdates flag to all:


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