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Google Reminder closing after selecting Join Meeting

I am finding that when a Google Calendar reminder pops up, if I select Join Meeting, it closes/cancels the reminder. This is bad, because sometimes I open the window 5-10 min early (to save waiting for it to load at the last minute), but then, I never get another reminder for the meeting, so it makes me late to meetings, because the reminder's not working.

What used to happen:

Google Calendar reminder opened

Selected Join meeting

Meeting window opens

Select Calendar reminder

Snooze (-2 min)

Reminder would pop up (-2 min)

Return to Meeting window and login

Snooze reminder for 15-30 min (use this to track how long the meeting lasted for time entry)

Close/Dismiss Reminder when meeting ends (update timecard)

I hope you are able to keep the reminder open/working until we actually close/dismiss it ourselves.


  • Hmm so yeah it was suggested by 2 people that I auto dismiss meetings upon clicking the meeting link, but perhaps I should revert and make it an opt-in instead. Always tough to decide what should be default behaviour :)

    I'll queue this for redevelopment.

  • Thanks for considering it. :)

  • Good news v27.5.2 and i've reverted the behaviour and you have to opt-in for that auto-dismiss feature, do this to force the update https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

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