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I've done several tests and my Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension notifications for reminders are not working (I've just reinstalled the extension after previously relying on the native Google Calendar notifications for reminders).

You can see how I have configured the notifications settings of the extension below. Even though notifications for reminders do not work, if I click the bell icon beside "Popup window" in the settings, a popup window shows.

Please can you help?




  • Just to clarify are you referring to Google Calendar events or Google Calendar Reminders?

  • Google Calendar events (I don't use Google Calendar reminders).

  • I've also tried creating a Google Calender event using the extension - so for example an event created using the extension with a 15 minute reminder starting in say 20 mins. I get no notification for this event from the extension despite the settings. Thanks

  • I can see by our forum history that you are have probably successfully received notifications in the past?

    Do you recall changing anything in particular with the extension or calendar options?

    if not I would recommend reinstalling the extension for starters.

  • Yes - notifications previously worked.

    I reinstalled the extension and now the notifications are working! Thanks for your help. I should have tried reinstalling to begin with. Thanks.

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