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Calendar Goes Back Days/Weeks When Chrome is Reopened

Whenever we close and reopen Google Chrome, Checker Plus for Google Calendar seems to go back to a point in time several days or weeks earlier to which it is anchored. We have voice notifications turned on. So when we close and reopen Chrome, the voice notifications go off for every event from that anchor point in the past until the current time. And when we close and reopen Chrome again, the same thing happens without changing the anchor point.


  • Have you been dismissing these events with the checkmark in the reminder window?

  • I have not. I didn't even know there was a reminder window to be honest. How do I get to the reminder window. And is there a way to avoid having to dismiss every event?

  • In the extension options you can disable the desktop notifications.

  • We do have the desktop notifications off, which might explain why I never see the reminder window

  • Interesting, so you want to hear them but not see them, was that an intentional setup.

  • It was intentional. And we do hear them without seeing them, but then every once in a while, Chrome gets unintentionally closed. And then when it's reopened, we hear the events from the last three weeks (give or take) read out loud again.

  • Ok great feedback, so this could be considered a bug for a use case I didn't know existed, I'll queue this for development thanks.

  • Awesome, thanks for the quick responses Jason

  • Ok i've fixed this in v28.1

  • I currently have this same issue.

  • @Alex Harrison Are you on the latest version 28.1 you can force the update with https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

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