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How can I add emails sent from google voice to show as a name instead of short text?

Google Contacts

Thank you in advance!


  • Not Sure I follow, can you send me a screenshot with the description of what you'd like.

  • Appreciate reply Jason.


    (I forward text messages from my Google Voice account to email.)

    Instead of showing as "65242", add this to google contacts somehow to show as "OptumRX (or whatever I want to name".

    I tried adding as contact and just still does not show as named contact.

  • Ok I understand, but just curious does the Gmail webpage use your contact name instead of showing 65242? Because I try to mimic Gmail functions as much as possible.

  • No, just shows as pictured.

  • Ok thanks, so I'm hesitant to add functionality different from Gmail that might confuse other users, I'll take note of this but I'll have to wait for more user feedback on this.

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