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Not getting any notifications to the Google Chrome extension

I've ben using Checker Plus for Google Drive for years and it's always worked until the last couple months. I'm using Google Chrome, version 89.0.4389.82, on a Mac. See below for how my settings are set (and have always been set for years). I've already removed the Chrome extension completely and re-added it - that didn't help. I've already changed the interval from 5 minutes to real-time and that didn't help either. Thank you!


  • Can you change the setting to show notification for all files instead and test that out.

  • Made that change. No effect.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I found the issue and fixed it in v7.7.7 use these instructions to force the update: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • I upgraded to 7.7.7 just now and uploaded a file to one of my folders - still not getting any notifications.

  • Can you uncheck the option "Only include files added to my Drive"

    Please note if you are testing adding your own test files that you will have to check the option:

    "Show my own modifications"

  • I unchecked that. For the record, I was adding files using a different Google account (wasn't making "own" modifications if I'm understanding that right). When the box unchecked, I'm still not seeing any notifications after adding new files (again, with an account that's not this account and with the "show my own modifications" box checked).

    It's worth noting that I DO see recent files added/changed in the "Recent" tab in Checker Plus. Just not posting anything in Notifications.

  • edited March 2021

    Hmm ok thanks for the details and the screenshots, it's very helpful. My next guess is the polling can you change it back from real-time to 5min (I know you did that previously, but let's try now with with the latest update) you'll have to wait it out.

  • Changed it to 5 minute polling and still no improvement (thanks for sticking with me on this). As you can see, I used a different Google account to add a file 15 minutes ago and it still hasn't been put in notifications. I'm still asking for notifications on all folders.

  • Can you click the bell icon just to make sure that test works, we might try reinstalling again (vs the force update we did last time)

    although i'm running out of ideas, ps i might step out for the night, but i'll resume debugging with you tomorrow.

  • Clicking the bell does produce a MacOS notification. But, I still don't have anything in the Notifications tab of Checker Plus. We can continue tomorrow - thank you again!

  • Can you try reinstall the extension again and try a modifing a file test and when it fails to show can you then send me the backround logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Well, I didn't make any changes after my last post - but everything seems to be working now. I don't really know what fixed it, though, sorry. :( But thank you for helping me!

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