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Select drive account for create new document

At the moment, the Drive app creates a new document only in one account. Is there a way of changing the default account for this?

Then it would be perfect!


  • If this thread gets more attention i will look in to it.
  • In my recent experience, the Drive app shows me documents from my main account, but new documents are created on a secondary account. I can have several accounts logged in at any given time, but new documents are created only on THAT specific secondary account and not my main account.
  • just posted a separate topi in "General" but repeat it here

    Is this feature planned for the future - being able to access multiple GDrives?
    Example = The fantastic!! Gmail checker
  • I have starred this suggestion for development, in the meantime there exists a solution where you can share folders or files between accounts.
  • Bump! I am signed in to several accounts, and Drive checker displays the documents in my default account, but counterintuitively the 'New' button creates a document in a secondary account. It would certainly make sense for it to create a new document on whichever account it displays files for. Being able to select would be a nice bonus, but at least making them match should be a minimum.
  • I've started investigation this issue, but it seems that only the "new/beta" google drive supports multiple signed in accounts. I definitely know that the old google drive never supported multiple sign-in. My assumption is that were going to have to wait till google drive irons out the new google drive issues or at least makes it non-beta. ps. I've tested the create new document and for me it is properly creating documents with my first signed in account.
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