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Synchronizing multiple calendars

Hello, I am trying synchronize outlook and two gmail calendars. The Gmail calendars seem to be syncing but the Outlook calendar does not sync. Any suggestions?


  • Some external calendars do not support real-time syncing, thus they will default to polling every several hours. More info about push notifications https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Push_Notifications

  • Hi Jason, thanks but I do not see any of my outlook calendar entries

  • Try double clicking the refresh button in the calendar popup window.

    Also make sure that outlook calendar is visible: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

  • Thanks but I do not see any pop up windows

  • edited March 5

    The popup calendar window accessible via the calendar button icon and then double click the refresh button (the circle)

  • Here is my calendar screen shot

  • Ah, I don't believe you are using my extension. This is just the normal Google Calendar website, you'll have to contact their support via that question mark icon.

  • I am sorry but your extension is installed , please see the attached screen print

  • edited March 5

    Ok good so what happens when you click the calendar icon, you should be presented with a mini calendar popup window with the refresh button (unless if you changed this behaviour in the extension options?)

  • I do not think that I changed any settings. When I click on the refresh button it refreshes the calendar but there are no options to make any changes

  • did you double click that refresh button?

    and now that you are seeing the extension calendar window can you see outlook calendar events in that window?

  • None of my outlook calendar events appear in the window

  • and if you click the top left menu in that same window, are your Outlook calendars listed there?

  • yes the account is listed on the left side

  • Just for my understanding are the outlook events appearing in the regular google calendar webpage? here https://calendar.google.com/

  • no- also the events from my other Google account show as busy but there is no description of the event

  • Ok so the root of the issue seems to lie with the regular Google Calendar webpage. My extension can only recognize what you have setup with your Google Calendar, so you'll have to contact their support first.

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