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Can't use scroll wheel in emails

Firefox 86.0 for macos. Scrolling works on the email list page, but when I click an individual email, the scroll wheel does not work. The scroll bar is visible and I can manually scroll by dragging it, but the scroll wheel itself seems to be not working.


  • Ok thanks for reporting it and the details, i'll queue it for investigation, most likely this might be specific to Firefox and/or MacOS

  • Can confirm this is only broken on macos as windows firefox works fine. So likely a bug in Firefox itself?

  • @Alessandro Casagli I believe the issue is related to one particular [Theme] Dark

    can you try using another one.

  • Hi Jason, I actually use the default theme. I tried the following things: switch FF theme, switch OS theme, and various combinations of the 2. None of which seemed to work. One other thing, I can middle click to pop up the scroll control and scroll using mouse movements, but the stubborn scroll wheel just does not work.

  • can confirm that disabling "[Theme] Dark" fixes it on Windows 10, Firefox 86.0.1

  • I'm having this same issue on MacOS in Firefox 87.0. I've tried switching the themes in Checker Plus but the issue persists.

  • @Joseph Staresinic Can you try disabling all themes to see if that works.

  • I believe I have disabled all themes by clicking the Reset button on the theme menu and I'm not seeing any themes highlighted in the menu. Scrolling via touchpad is also broken when viewing the theme options.

  • @Joseph Staresinic It would seem there are still issues with Firefox with certain CSS rules unfortunately. I'll wait to see if I get more feedback to determine a pattern or gravity of the issue.

  • Looks like this is now fixed (at least in FF 88b.07), might have been fixed in a recent update to the extension maybe?

  • As of installing Firefox 88 this morning this seems to be resolved for me on macOS

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