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How to make Ctrl+Tab switch between recent two tabs?

edited June 2014 in General
I installed the Recent Tabs extension but pressing Ctrl+Tab is not toggling me between the two recent tabs. It keeps taking me through all the tabs, which is Chrome's default action. What do I need to do to make the extension work? Thanks.


  • Go into the options of the extension, you'll read this...

    Usage #1: Ideal for developers

    • Only toggles between your 2 last recent tabs (No popup window)
    • Can be used from any page
    • Can be used from the address bar
    • Uses less memory

    Usage #1: Go to Chrome menu > Tools > Extensions and then scroll to the bottom and find Keyboard shortcuts then under Recent Tabs assign the key of your choice.
  • When I try to set up the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab in the box for Recent Tabs, as soon as I press Tab after holding down Ctrl, Chrome switches to the first open tab. I go back to the Extensions tab and see that nothing got entered in the box for Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Essh, your right it seems the latest Chrome version has disabled the use of Ctrl-Tab (unless you previously had it there from another version) now i've reset mine also :(
    I've decided to use Ctrl+1 instead maybe that can work for you also.
  • Oh I found another method, I've been using autohotkey.com for a while now to override "any" windows shortcut keys, so you can set Ctrl+Tab (in autohotkey) to execute Ctrl+1 (in my extension) and tada problem fixed :) That's why i'm using now.
  • Yes. ok. The AHK code would look like something:

    ; Remap Hotkeys

    #IfWinActive ahk_exe chrome.exe


    Send, ^1


  • correct, if that doesn't work let me know and i'll send you the script I have.

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