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Popup Reminders Window

Jason -- fantastic job on "Checker Plus for Google Calendar". This extension has been the last piece in my search to replace using a desktop email client -- the Reminders Popup Window is a feature Google Calendar has been lacking and anyone coming from using a groupware client (Outlook, emClient, Evolution) wanting to have similar functionality has been left wanting.

Perhaps I am missing or overlooked something -- however, I was looking to "set" the size of the Reminders Popup Window as the overall size of the Reminders Popup Window seems to grow larger with each reminder.

It would be advantageous to be able to "fix" the size of the Reminder popup window and have the resulting reminders scrollable within that size -- as currently the list of reminders is not scrollable if the window size is reduced.

I am think of something like the rough image shown below:

Now, if this is achievable via the Skins and Themes than please do advise. Otherwise, I am happy to contribute towards development of such a feature.

Thank you for your consideration.


  • So currently the logic is to display a maximum of 4 events, each event height is 100px so there 400px is the maximum height of the popup window at any time and if there are more you will see the scroll bar that you have in your mockup.

  • Thanks for the quick response Jason -- is maximum number of events configurable via Skins and Themes to say make reduce it to 2 or 3?

  • edited February 21

    I could probably add that as an option, but I prefer to make my extension smart and auto-adjust appropriately, can I ask why is 4 too much? is your screen height small, what's the height of your screen, is it only while using your laptop screen?

  • I haven't tried the attachment on our laptop as yet. The resolution on the desktop is 1980x1080 - and with four reminders in that window it consumes about 1/3 of the screen restate in the "area" we typical locate it in. Does choosing/forcing a smaller font (via Skins & Themes) reduce the height consumed by each event (i.e. < 100px) thus making the total maximum reminders popup window size smaller than the 400px?

    Having said all that -- I did / do see an option in the settings under Notifications (a checkbox) for Autosize popup window -- initial/default is unchecked, I did have it checked for a bit but it didn't seem to make a difference and so I again left it unchecked. What is the intended purpose of that setting?

    My objective here is not to make this challenging for you -- but rather understand how I can make it work for me... even as is, where that might be best case.



  • I have queued for development the ability to apply skins and themes to the reminder window, which would include reducing the font size and an hence reducing the reminder window size. Perhaps that will be a better solution.

    FYI the auto-size option is for those have changed their zoom settings.

  • Looking forward to trying it when it becomes available. Thank you Jason.

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