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Dimming only past events, not today's

I use the dimming past events option, and it seems it used to not dim "today". Now it does, and it makes it difficult to see what I have planned for today, but I still want to dim past events/days. Any way around it?


  • It should not dim today, can you send me a screenshot?

    and are you using the General .. dim past days option or are you using a skin/theme?

  • I'm using the general, no skin or themes. Here is a screen shot: See Sund. dimmed but today. I do use Event, never task, as I color code all events and find them easier to see as Events rather than task. I have always done so, but seem to recall not too long ago "today" would not be dimmed... Thank you for your very prompt reply, Sunday and all! Cheers, Mimi

  • Thought I'd send you this General Settings screen shot as well, just in case I set something wrong..

  • Thank you I found the issue, it will be fixed in the next update.

  • Wonderful, thank you!

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