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No one has seemed to just say Thanks in some time, so I'm saying Thank You for this great work you're doing, it's helping me move away from those enterprises that seem to have us locked in. It would be nice to have another signin option as the three here are those same enterprises I'm trying to get away from.


  • Thanks, do you have a suggestion for sign option.

  • Yup, thanks Jason, it's a great extension. I try to thank you via donating occasionally, rather than messages

    I'm sure you used to offer an sign-in just via username/password (at least I have some stored in my password manager)? That would be a welcome reintroduction

  • @carpii thanks for the support, I tried the old fashioned username password, but kept getting spam accounts even with recaptcha.

  • Ah fair enough.

    Not a big issue really, I just forget which method I normally use to log in

    Also have an old account which used a different social media method, so often end up logging into that one by mistake

  • Wish I could recommend one, definitely not disqus, they sell all your details. In the future, in a galaxy far away there will be an answer in freeing us from logins and spam, the answer lies in blockchain.

  • That doesn't read as well as it sounded when i was typing it, lol.

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