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Recurring events disappear when editing it

Hi team,

Thanks for the amazing extension and work done on this.

I have donated and could use the "extra features" of the extension. However, something that happened a few times was that recurring events disappeared when I edited them in the extension. All the events before and after the day I edited disappeared. This was frustrating since these are meeting for the whole team and I can't remember all the dates/times/members in each meeting and add them again + it doesn't look professional to do that all the time. So I searched for a solution on your page, and it said a reinstallation could solve it. Thinking the data would be connected and backed up to my Google account, I reinstalled. After the reinstallation, all configuration was gone, my "extra feature" was locked again, and I don't know if the "recurring events disappear" issue is still there or not.

Is there a solution to these?

Best regards


  • edited February 18

    To recover the extra features use this:

    I have queued the recurring event issue for development.

  • Thank you Jason! I can contribute again as well :)

    Ok, so it's a known issue. I guess it's better to not use that function for now and do it directly in the Google Calendar. Do you have a ETC for the ticket and is it possible to get a notification when it's done?

    Have a great weekend!

  • I will reach back out to this thread when I've investigated the issue, but just to be clear from my tests it's only the events before the modified date that are cleared, the future ones should stick.

  • I have a vague memory of it affecting the future events as well. But I haven't used it for a while so I don't remember to be honest. As you say, the past ones for sure.

  • Oh yeah it does. That has been the reason I have had to create the events again for the future.

  • Can you give me more details on how are you modify a recurring event, for instance which particular event in the recurring events do you actually modify is it near today's date or in the future. Because through my findings it depends on which particular event you modify, all events before that particular modified event do get flushed unfortunately that is the bug I will try to fix.

  • I'm most usually modifying the same day events. I do it by clicking on the calendar icon, the event and then the pen, modifying and save. The reoccurring events I have, sometimes I have to change that day's hours because it was earlier/later, or shorter/longer. That's when it happens.

  • Hi again Jason,

    I don't know if you see logs or not, but it just happened a minute ago. All past event disappeared when I wanted to edit the event and chose "All events". I hope it helps in troubleshooting.

    Best regards

  • Good news I'm working specifically on this issue as we type :) It'll take a few days of testing before pushed out as it will be packaged with other fixes and suggested features.

  • Oh great news!!! 👏

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