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German Language


My Chrome Checker Plus Google Drive Extension generates German Language in GUI.

I dont know why and I got no idea how to change this back to English?

Best Regards,



  • What languages are set 1st in your Chrome settings?

    Try putting english to the top:


  • Hi Jason,

    Chrome and Chromebook-Language is only English. Other Extensions, including Checker Plus Date and Checker Plus Gmail are showing English GUI.

    I tried to reinstall, but when I login with my Google Account to give access Checker Plus Drive is changing to German GUI.


  • Can you open up the background console for the drive extension:


    and then send this command in the console and let me know the result:

    console.log(chrome.i18n.getUILanguage() + " _ " + navigator.languages)

  • Hi Json,


    console.log(chrome.i18n.getUILanguage() + " _ " + navigator.languages) -> "undefined"

    console.log(chrome.i18n.getUILanguage()) + " _ " + navigator.languages -> "undefined _ de,en-GB-oxendict,en-US".

    console.log(chrome.i18n.getUILanguage()) ->"undefined"

    Best Regards,


  • Ok thanks, it does seems that de (German) is placed first as a priority langauge and that's why the extension is using German, can you explore the Chrome setting for the language settings again, for instance here are my language settings, notice I move english above german

  • Hi Jason,

    Thank You for Your support and time.

    I checked my language settings once again and found (additional to Your screenshot that looks like mine) a additional entry "Web content language" (did not seen it before) where German pointed at first position. I removed this entry and made a Reboot.

    Result: Checker Drive change to English GUI!

    Surprising, that only this extension used this "Web content language", but anyhow: this issue is solved.

    Very Thank You for that.

    And also Thank You for Your great Extensions.

    Best Regards,


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