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Cancel button after dragging event beginnings and ends

If I drag the beginning or end of an event, I am presented with the following options:

, then, after choosing, for example, "don't send":

, then, after choosing, for example, "only this event",

I am presented with the message "Event updated".

In Google Calendar itself, I have the option of bailing out with a cancel button at the very beginning, right after dragging:

It seems like a workaround for Checker Plus would be to just click outside the Extension "pop-out" box (within Chrome - what is the technical name for this box/frame, as far as Chrome is concerned, just out of curiosity?) . That essentially works as a "Cancel".

But I think a Cancel button de facto would be the most suitable here, as opposed to having to resort to a workaround solution. What do you say?


  • Sounds like a great suggestion, and thank you immensely for the screenshot narrative that helps me get right to the issue, i'll queue this for next update.

  • No problem. By the way, when you say "queue this for the next update", is that using a special software or just on your to-do list?

    I am a bioengineer and entrepreneur and my company is developing some special softwares for a technology we use called "tissue engineering", but, not being software specialists, sometimes we don't know the names or tools for this type of "software development" jargon. Any hints and tips would be appreciated.

  • So I'm currently using Bitbucket internally to organize issues by projet. The advantage is you can prioritize issues and assign them to specific code updates and pushes. Its great for going back and determining the source of bugs.

  • That's useful. We are trying to retroactively make repositories of softwares we were updating locally, as if they were continuously being updated using a versioning software, in this case GitHub Desktop. But, since we are not really programmers, we are struggling. I find that I am able to use it using my macOS, but it doesn't work to do all these push and pull and compare requests on Windows or Linux. Since Bitbucket is based on git too, it should do the job in terms of keeping track of versions, issues and solutions! And since you recommend it, I'll give it a try in due time.

    I might also cite this recommendation/tip of yours in an internal report. Would that be OK?

    Can you give me some quick facts about your extensions, or your "bestseller extension" (I know you have many), to give some context to my reader, so that the reader appreciates that "Jason Savard knows what he's talking about!"?

  • Sure, if it's internal.

    I'm the proud developer of several browser extensions with millions of users. The most popular one is the Checker Plus for Gmail, but the most versatile one in my opinion is the Checker Plus for Google Calendar.

  • Good news v27.5 now has the cancel button when modifying recurring events.

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