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Add or remove default snooze times

Is there a way to customize the snooze times presented when you hover over the (z) ? I really need a 12-hour option, 1.5 day, etc. :)


  • interesting, can I assume you are trying to snooze events to the next day but that you don't want them in the morning? more like midday?

  • Yes, exactly. (or mid-day and then the evening, or whatever).

    On my phone I use an app called "Calendar Notifications" to serve a similar function as Checker Plus does on my desktop. Have you seen it? It's pretty good. When you want to snooze an item, you can choose "custom" and it lists as many variations as you want (or at least a lot of them.)

    I find I use 12-hour and 1.5 days quite a bit, in addition to the "normal" snooze times.

  • Can you send me screenshots of this other app's snooze options so I can get an idea.

    ps. I could use this feature also :)

  • Sure, next chance I get, will do!

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