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Gmail Checker Plus opens in HTML Mode when Windows 10 Notification opens (Microsoft Edge)

I am stuck in HMTL Mode (which is a lot like the mobile mode, but not Basic HTML mode) when I click on the Windows Notification. I do not know how to return it to normal. I tried deleting cookies, but it didn't work.


  • You might have to google this one, as I've never seen this issue.

  • And now it's fixed itself. I have no idea how. My computer shut down and rebooted, yes, but it shut down and rebooted before without fixing the issue so I'm at a loss.

    I don't know.

    Here's some of the things I tried before it spontaneously worked again:

    Cleared the cookies on my gmail account, reinstalled the app, and shut down the computer. If this happens, try doing this, in the off-chance it works.

  • And it's back to the stupid HTML version. I have no idea.

  • Are you able to go to the normal gmail window by visiting this link: https://mail.google.com

  • edited February 15

    It only happens when I use the gmail checker pop-up, and even then, only when I don't already have gmail open in another tab.

    So, yes, I can open it via the link you gave me.

  • Can you make sure you have not checked this option:

  • Yes, I have that unchecked. Honestly, basic HTML view offers more functionality than my current setup.

  • Hmm interesting, can you send me a screenshot of your "current setup"? maybe i'm missing something.

  • can you tell me what is the url when you open a tab that is stuck in basic mode?

  • Can you go to this page https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/x/?v=lui

    and answer click "Take me to latest Gmail"

    also is it i possible you have a slow connection?

  • No, it does not give me the option. It just goes straight to the HTML mode.

    As for my connection, I consider it pretty good. I think it started a while ago when it asked me if I wanted to use HTML mode and ignored me when I said no, so I figured I'd say yes since I thought I could set it back or it would be a temporary thing. Unfortunately, no. I'm stuck with this setting.

  • It looks like Gmail is deciding for you to use this html mode and I'm not sure I can do anything about it, you'll have to google around for perhaps a solution.

  • On the one hand, I tried to clear the cache and it initially works, on the other, I've had that happen enough times where I think I do something to fix it, and the next time I try it borks things up.

  • Yup, back to being broken. gmail really loves this stupid setup.

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