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Can't Read Several Settings With Dark Chrome/Desktop Themes, Black Text on Black Background

Yoski broski! I'm liking Checker Plus for Google Calendar so far, though I'm still working out the best way to configure it.

However, that's difficult because a lot of its setting pages, as well as the page for calendar themes, feature black text, and no background color specification meaning that it displays said black text on my black background. ^^;;

It might help to either 1, specify a background color like white (or whatever you would intend)... or 2, have the text color as "auto" so it should compensate for whatever Chrome's and/or the desktop's themes are.

Here's a couple screenshots of what it's like to browse the calendar themes, and trying to save my settings. I have to squint with my brightness way up and my monitor at a certain angle to just-barely see the black text. X3

I couldn't even read most of my events on the little calendar window, until I struggled around enough to find a dark theme. Thankfully I'm no longer on a purely black grid with occasional highlights at least, lol.

But yeah, I hope this can be fixed soon, both for myself and anyone else who spares their eyesight, battery, and display's lifespan via use of dark themes. :3 Thank youuuu~!


  • So my 1st question it how add this dark theme to your computer. Can you send me the step by step.

  • Thanks for checking in on me. :D

    I'm on Windows 8.1. I go to Control Panel, and in "View by: Category" mode, under Appearance & Personalization, I select "Change the theme." (Or, alternatively, I right-click on the desktop and in the menu that pops up, I click "Personalize.")

    In the way that Microsoft has loved to do over the decades, they took away lots of the robust theme editing that older Windows OS's had, and both limited and complicated options to set a theme in Windows 8. Especially dark themes.

    Manually clicking the "Color" button at the bottom only gives light color accents to white-based themes.

    I instead have to go under the existing "High Contrast Themes" at the bottom (seen in the first screenshot after the "Windows Default Themes" section), select one, THEN I can proceed to the Color menu which has a new set of customizations.

    Here's how I set mine:

    (Heh yeah, I'm a middle-age woman with the aesthetic tastes of a teenage boy. OW THE EDGE!!! ;P)

    (Also gotta "love" how it forces you to make a new copy of your theme every time you change and Save it, ugh...)

    (Mini rant you can skip: The problem is, what Windows CLAIMS it will treat as hyperlinks, buttons, etc seems completely arbitrary, as the rest of the Windows experience (and most of my web-browsing experience) blatantly disregards what one has set in that customization menu, in different ways depending on the program running, the type of file explorer window you have open, settings menu type, pop-up messages, etc. It took a lot of trial-and-error to get it so I would stop getting red buttons with red text that I couldn't read, gah!)

    But yeah, as a result I found out the hard way that all too many websites just assume everyone has a white background, and so they forget to insert a quick background color designation. Resulting in even major websites having black text on black background. Leading to me, ironically, getting the Dark Reader browser extension to turn on a manual Dark Mode so I can re-color the text so it's readable, or even use profiles where I set the background as white so the site looks true to its intended appearance. (Though sadly, it doesn't work with internal Chrome settings pages or browser extension options in and of themselves, to ensure security, hence me being unable to use it to remedy this extension's menu page.)

    When I inevitably bite the bullet and get Windows 10 (I'm a diehard, lol) at least it does seem simpler to set a dark theme, and looks to have a more cohesive approach rather than treating it as an afterthought: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-enable-dark-mode-in-windows-10


    It'd be totally fine, in my opinion, if you just force a white background as default on your menus and structure, by the way. I'm only on them occasionally, and like I said the calendar dark skins are available so it's all good. That'd probably be the quickest and simplest fix.

    But if you are wanting to make it more compatible with others who may have dark themes (which as seen here, we struggle to have them, heh...) then maybe "mix-blend-mode: difference" would be a decently simple way to ensure that whatever wonky settings we users may have, everything might be readable. (Though of course, if there's complications involving the prioritizing of those settings vs calendar theme settings, that's gotta be considered.)

    Take your time if this is even addressed, I can just swap to a light desktop theme whenever I want to tweak settings in the mean time. It's totally up to you if you want to bother with this probably fairly obscure issue. But I appreciate you at least looking into it. ^_^

  • This is the 1st time this has been reported and most likely related to Windows 8.1 only?

    If you do try Windows 10 I would be curious if the issue still exists.

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