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Backing up settings

Hi, I'm going to be migrating to another system soon. Is there a way to export all my settings into a file for Gmail Checker? I see there is Save Options and Load Options via signed in browser user in the Admin area of the settings. Will this do it, does that save the settings to a Mozilla account or something?


  • So, yes it will sync it to your signed in browser account (if you are signed in)

    However, it might not be reliable and I would suggest you take some quick screenshots of your settings just to be sure.

  • I am switching from Brave to Edge, and am having problems getting the settings to sync.

    Is that because one is from Chrome Store and other is from Edge Store?

    Is there a way to drop settings to a file so I could import on new browser?


  • @Ken Lowe Most likely your hypothesis is correct, I haven't developed a file mechanism because it's usually more friction for users. I may have to suggest screenshots of your options in the interim.

  • @Jason Thanks for the prompt reply, and a great set of extensions!

  • Just want to add that I was able to migrate all my Firefox settings including your Gmail app without any issue. Thanks for your hard work!

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