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Click to dismiss notifications

I /like/ your extension!

Suggestion (a): allow longer-duration notifications (up to 1-2 mins?).
Suggestion (b): allow a single click to dismiss a rich notification.

Rationale: I want to notice my notifications, even if I've been AFK for a minute or two. 25 seconds isn't always enough. But I also don't always want to think about them immediately -- sometimes I just want them to go away until I have time for them.

(Yes, the first suggestion here should be 'improve your filters'. But sadly, email filtering seems to be a Gödel-incomplete problem... :))


  • Er -- excuse me, I missed something important. :)

    Why would I prefer (a) to the little 'close' button?  Because the whole notification is a bigger target and I can punch it faster than the button, so the context-switch will cost me a smidgen less focus.
  • The 25 seconds maximum limit is imposed by the Chrome browser to all extensions. Note: It will only disappear into the tray as a the bell icon which you can still access or see. more info http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Desktop_notifications

    As for the close button, you can change the buttons to select the "Dismiss" which will be a nice big button :)

  • Hmm -- I've clicked on everything obviously clickable but I'm not seeing that segment of menu anywhere.  (Chrome 35.0.1916.114, Ubuntu/x86_64.)  But I don't have time to dig further right now.  I'll get back to you.
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