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Deleting FUTURE recurring events

I'm new to this extension so sorry if I have missed something.

If I have a recurring event and want to delete future instances of that recurring event, not previous ones, what can I do?

In Google's own calendar on calendar.google.com, I have these options:

"This event

This and following events

All events"

, but in the Checker Plus for Google Calendar Extension, I only have buttons for:

""This event

All events""

Thanks in advance for help or updates to the Extension. Keep up the good work.


  • edited January 2021

    Good feedback, so currently I haven't developed that feature because it's a bit more complex and deleting recurring events is not the most common activity by users. I will take note of this however, but I'll have to recommend you use the open to calendar button and delete future events from there for now.

  • Thanks, I had already made the decision to standardize on doing this, i.e., saying to myself "If you want to delete this and future events, you open calendar.google.com and do it from there."

    But your "Open Calendar" button seems more practical in pulling up the actual event you want to delete future instances of, rather than to go Qmanually" into calendar.google.com and find it, so thanks for that tip/feature!

    However, something odd happened to me now. I did just that, as you said, and it fired up a recurring event in my Google Calendar. However, when I clicked on the trash bin button, instead of giving me options, it deleted the whole series!

    Not any disaster, as I have just been playing with these features and can redo the series. But it could have been bad, because I want to be able to go back at old instances of a recurring event for timetracking purposes.

    Have you heard of this anomaly/bug before? On a few more checks, it didn't happen again so I'm not sure if I can recreate the anomaly/bug.

  • Interesting I haven't seen this behaviour before but I'll take note of it.

    Another tip if you accidentally delete events you can go into google calendar and for each calendar there is a bin where you can restore deleted events.

  • +1, would love to have the "This and following events" feature for modifying recurring events. Thanks!

  • +1 as well. Editing "this and following events" is a daily thing for me as I have dozens of recurring meetings that get changed and modified (not necessarily the time, but location, description, etc.).

  • +1 from me, I personally do this function fairly often, such as when I've tried a health routine that isn't working out for me, or plans in the family change, or my sleep schedule changes. It's useful for me to still keep record that I did the recurring event before, so I can look back and remember what I did and when. (Especially since I recently suffered a trauma that's causing me to have memory problems. If I didn't have my calendar records, I wouldn't know half the things I've done regularly in the last several years.)

  • I was trying to change the day/time of a recurring meeting and realized that I couldn't change future instances from within the interface. So i decided to search the forums to see if I missed something and I found this post. I did notice that the delete button now has the "this and future events" functionality though so I was wondering if it could also be applied to modifications of a repeating meeting?

  • @Subjektivity Good observation, I indeed started fixing the delete event options, but had left out the choice when modifying events, cause it looked more complex, but i'll queue it for investigation, thanks.

  • @Andreas Kaasi

    The option still exists for notifications.

  • edited January 14

    @GHF but currently only when deleting, the latest request is for when modifying recurring events.

  • I agree.

    I just underlined that the deleting problem is already solved.

  • @GHF Good news the ability to modify recurring events "from this and following events" has been added in v36.0

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