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Set Repeat Time For Notification

Currently, it notifies me TOO often for my liking. Is there a way to implement an adjustable timer for repeat notification (even better if it could be set PER label repeat time). Thanks


  • Sure I guess I could make it configurable, currently it's 1 minute intervals, what would you preference be?

  • I love how you make yourself available for requests like this. Spot on my guy! 5 to 8 min would be my sweet spot, maybe even 10mins. Thanks! (Donation Sent!)

  • Not trying to rush you in anyway way, but if you do decide to implement this option I assume it would come via an update for the Chrome extension, correct? (Will you post here to let me/us know?) Thank you. Have a great day!

  • Yes, I note the thread with my internal ticketing tool and respond to it when it's been pushed. You can also see the changelog notification when it gets updated.

  • Not to push - But I am excited for this :-) Thanks

  • good to know ;) there are some delays due to a migration of all my extensions to manifest v3 https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/migrating_to_manifest_v3

  • Thank you for the update. :-)

  • Looking back on your initial reply, you said "Currently it's 1-minute intervals"--- Do you mean the extension is configured (and currently unconfigurable/locked) to repeat the notification (When that option box is ticked, and are unread emails) every 60 seconds?

    Or do you mean there is a way to adjust it right now but its limmited to "1 minute intervals"?

    Im thinking im just reading this wrong and it is not adjustable rigth now. Im willing to pay (donate) to fast track this feature :-)

  • The configuration is currently locked at that interval, but can easily be made configurable, it's still in the queue , don't worry.

  • OK Great. Thanks again for everything you do Jason. Sorry to be a pest. Have a great day!

  • YES! I SEE AN update for your extension just got installed for me and the notes say you added adjustable repeat notification intervals. Thank you so much brother! I will play with it today and report back if I find any issues. I truly appreciate everything you do my friend. Keep up the great work!

  • So far it's working great!

    Thank you


    I might be asking too much here, but would it be possible to have diferent sounds for diferent folders? Thank you

  • You are a king my man.

    ONE LAST question/far fetched request. :-)

    (And if this gets to complex, then you can brush it off)

    How about a 5 min repeat delay for one folder (with a customer sound)

    and a 10 min repeat delay for a second folder (with custom sound)


  • Ha, let's see how popular the repeat function is first 😀

  • Fair enough! Thanks for everything.

  • LOVE the new feature! It works exactly as expected. Great Job and THANK YOU so much sir! Keep up the good work. We all truly appreciate it.

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