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"Ding' Sound for new mail with all sounds set to 'off'

Hi there,

After a recent update for Checker Plus for Gmail, I'm getting a ding sound for every new email, when that was set to 'off' and working as such for over a year. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else in the meantime. I've reinstalled the extension, and it has still persisted. Thank you.


  • Are you sure it's coming from my extension. Did you turn off the sound from the new notifications tab or the accounts/labels tab

  • It's very coincidental when I clicked on the CheckerPlus icon, it opened a new tab to show me what's in the latest update, and now it has continued since. A new email comes in, I see the icon envelope 'shake' and the sound happens at the same time. I'll do a hard restart of everything and monitor to make sure it's not something else. But the way it happened was very coincidental haha. Here's my notifications tab. The accounts/labels tab doesn't show me anything related to sounds or notifications, it just shows the accounts I have logged in. Appreciate the reply Jason, I'll see if I can confirm it's not something else first. Cheers

  • where do i find it at

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