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Notification Mark as Read Unpauses Music

Very odd bug. If have music paused in the background (MPC-BE or Dopamine) then when I click 'Mark as read' in the mail notification it unpauses the music - it looks like Checker Plus is triggering a multimedia play event. Occurs on both my Windows 10 PCs where everything is up to date. Hope you can find the cause. Thanks, David


  • That is pretty bizarre, can you verify if other extension actions interfere with the sound? Although I would have to assign this as a Chrome bug because my extension should have no ability or permissions to intercept the audio of other processes in the browser.

  • None that I've noticed. Yours is the only extension I use which creates Windows notifications. Plus it doesn't do it with the Delete button, just Mark as read.

    I'll try to do some testing around the issue tomorrow.

  • Good news. It appears to be a bug/feature with MPC. I had a clean OS+Chrome I was using for homeschooling and after trying MPC, Groove, iTunes, WMP, Dopamine I found MPC was the only music app to react to notification clicks (Read+Delete). Seems something to do with the Global Media Keys option. Will follow up with MPC. Cheers!

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