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Button icon not displaying next event on certain calendars

My work limits us to sharing our calendar outside the organization with the setting "See only free/busy (hide details)". These events are correctly displayed in the expanded view, but it does not take it in to account when showing on the icon the next item on your calendar (this screenshot is taken at 12:15pm and should show 1:30pm on the icon, not 3pm).


  • Interesting because I believe a past user suggested a I remove any hidden/busy events from the badge icon. I could offer this as an option enable, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Apart from seeing "busy" events on the calendar icon, would you also like to receive notifications for "busy" events, note that the notification would only say "busy"

  • Hi Jason,

    strong YES for me (I am the guy who opened another thread about the same issues).

    For me, the notification is as important as seeing the event in the countdown timer to remind myself I have a work appointment.


  • @Matej Kukučka Excellent thanks for getting back to me, I will resume development on this one, it missed the current big update because I was waiting for more feedback.

  • edited July 2021

    Good news I've added the option to "Button .. Show busy events" in v28.1 @Matej Kukučka

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