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Spam getting checked

I accidentally checked 'check spam' and now I can't find a way to turn it off. I don't want to be alerted each time I get spam. How do I shut it off? Thanks!


  • Hmm it really should only poll once and then return to your original monitored labels.

    Are you sure it is still polling for spam emails?

  • Very positive.

  • Ok I'll see if there's a bug,

    Can you goto the extension options .. admin .. reset settings

    And let me know if that resolves the issue?

  • Yes, it did - thank you!

    Interestingly, I saved settings then reset options. No spam notifications. Then I reloaded settings and spam settings started showing again. So I reset options again and they stopped showing.

  • Ok good to know and thanks for the feedback, I will be pushing a fix for this check spam issue quickly, it was a recent addition and sometimes there are glitches :)

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