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Send to editor

I like the simplicity of the image editor (text/arrows, etc.). I'd like to be able to open an image outside of Chrome directly to the editor. When I select open file from the extension I know I can click the prompt to open an explorer window and then select the image.

If I copy this url and paste it to the end of a Chrome link I can get Chrome to open directly to the open file page. I was hoping if I copied this link to the sendto folder I could right click on an external image and send it to the editor ... no luck.

Any suggestions?


  • Hmm one other trick you can do is drag and image from your explorer window into a new Chrome tab and then activate the screenshot extension with the icon to grab the current image.

  • I have a subscription to both the Check Plus for Gmail and for the associated calendar.

    Check Plus for Gmail is quite well developed and very helpful for a variety of reasons, so I am glad to contribute $5 per month for it. The Calendar is only mildly helpful (to me) and is not worth so much. On top of that, though I had donated, I was denied the specific enhancements until I donated more. That, to me, was very irritating to say the least.

    What can I do to change the subsciption amount of the calendar to a small single payment without the add-ons to it being disabled?

  • @Albert Kolkin As a monthly subscriber you have access to all the extra features of all my extensions, just use these instructions to unlock them: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

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