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Hide DND Badge

Hi Jason, just wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble to add an option to hide the DND badge when DND is in use.

I love the scheduled DND function but the badge icon just catches my attention a bit too much:

Apps have trained me to subconsciously think any kind of badge means notifications, regardless of the colour.

Thanks for taking the time to read this feedback! Also thanks for bringing your extension officially to Edge!


  • Interesting would it be easier if you just turned off the notifications for the calendar extension?

  • edited January 5

    I'm using the scheduled DND feature you added a while back. I'm just using your mail checker extension.

    Basically trying to block work email notifications during off hours. But the DND badge makes me think I've got a notification to dismiss.

  • edited January 5

    ok i'll add this as an option, but i'm hesitant because those who forget or accidentally select this would not receive notifications and not realize why (nor will i initially) and will be flooding my support.

  • edited January 5

    That's a very good point. I think the safest place to have the option would be on the Do Not Disturb schedule pop-up. Something like "Hide DND badge during DND".

    People wouldn't be expecting notifications if they set DND to on but I can see how this could potentially cause issues for some. I'll keep on thinking about this and let you know if I can think of a safer way to implement.

  • Hey Jason, I came up with a better idea. Instead of hiding the badge, maybe just redesign it so it's not as prominent I guess.

    Here's a mockup I quickly threw together:

    I noticed my other extensions (AdGuard and LastPass) use a shade of grey for their badge backgrounds and I feel this is easier on my eyes than the black. I used a crescent moon instead of DND so the badge stays small as well. I drew inspiration from the DND icon that Windows 10 and iOS uses.

    Not sure if a moon is possible (I re-coloured an emoji white here) but let me know what you think!

  • looks interesting i'll see if Chrome allows me to put those emoji on that badge text, but I like it as it's also universal (no need to translate it)

  • edited January 7

    I looked into it but unfortunately you can't have emojis inside a badge because you can't change the font. I haven't tested this myself though, just from what I read online. Things could have changed and they might support emojis now.

    There is a non-emoji unicode one but it doesn't look as nice:

    Might look better in use though. An option to hide the badge might still be a better option as well.

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